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The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind – by Patrick Rothfuss. This is a book about a man called Kvote, or Kvothe when he was younger. This book is told from his point of view looking back through his life.

First Impression was pretty poor. Something about an inn and three silences, really didn’t seem gripping. But keep hold and it will drag you in.

Kvothe was part of a troupe, performing plays and music to towns and cities. This later changes and he is thrown into the world of magic.

Unlike most fantasy novels, the magic in this book is restrained. Magic abides most of the laws of nature. I.e energy can’t be created, only changed.

There is a love interest, however it isn’t Romeo and Juliet, just like magic it’s graciously restrained. This only increases my respect for it. There are too many fantasy films swallowed up by both romance and action with no substance. This is also its downfall, there is too much filler, where the character doesn’t seem to be doing much. But it is bearable.

So would I recommend it?…. Yes, but don’t expect much until the middle.

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