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The Final Harry Potter

hrrypotSo the final Harry Potter film had its Premier today. Can’t wait to see it in the next few weeks, been watching it from the very first film and have read all the books Open-mouthed smile. It’s a shame that it is ending after 10 years.

My favourite character of the series is Neville, simply because he goes from being a laughing stock to being a hero in the last film/book. My favourite book has to be Order of the Phoenix, since this is when Harry starts to fight the bad guys without any help from his friends. Favourite film however is Deathly Hallows part 1 as it is full of sneaking around and all that stuff which I like very muchly.

So after this series finishes I wonder what will take its place, I can’t think of any books that have any similar success apart from maybe the Alex Rider books, but the first film flopped. This could because of Harry Potter so maybe with the series ending its fan base may grow and the second film may come out.

Anyway that’s all from me probably today been really busy, speak soon. BYE!!!

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