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Here’s a Reading Log Resource

If, like me, you like keeping an eye on your reading stats. You would have signed up to Goodreads from Amazon. But there’s always a chance this service can be discontinued. Since the website has had very little in the way of upgrades in the past few years.

So I created a Reading Log Google Sheet where you can input your reading data and it will provide various stats.Please note this is very much a work in progress. If you are a Google Docs Pro, please let me know and tell me of anything that I can do to improve it. Or you have an idea for something like an ad, please let me know. via my contact page.

The Summary Sheet

Reading Log Summary

The summary sheet details all the books that you have read. Everything highlighted in blue is editable. Everything else is a formula, so should be left alone. Currently it can calculate how long it will take you to finish the book. Depending on your average pages read per day.There are a few features that I want to put in place on this page, such as pulling information from the Reading log tab. And only having this page as non editable.

Reading Log

The reading log is where you input your reading sessions. If you read a book for many sessions in one day. You will need to put the start data as the very first page you read and the end page as the last page you read that day. If I get enough responses to ask for a session version instead I will update as and when.

Other Tabs

Currently I am working on two other tabs. One will be a calculator. That can be used to work out how long it will take you to read a book of your choice. Based on your Pages per day. Average across all your books. Of course, different books have different font sizes and page sizes. Which I may be able to take into account. Going forward. Or this will be a drop down to select the size of the book or you will have to input the average words on a page.

The other tab I am working on is a chart page. This will give you various statistics in the form of pivot tables, Bar charts, and, pie charts. Which for me who loves data is a welcome addition.


This will be one of my first resources that I have developed. So any constructive criticism is very much welcomed. I’m hoping to be able to come up with a reading notebook. Which will help with comprehension of what you are reading. Especially when there is gaps between sequels.

So whatever you reading from Leviathan Wakes to the latest Fantasy epics, this log will have you covered.

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