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Considering the formatting for my book reviews I have not mentioned anything about the website. It is really usefull for any book worm wanting to keep track of what they have read and what they should read in the future.


  • Import your library of books
  • Explore and find similar books
  • Add friends to start a book club
  • Book swapping
  • Free book competitions
  • Keep track of your reading progress
A Bit More Detail

After using to record how much I listen to certain tracks and artists to get recommendations, I started looking for the book equivalent. Goodreads is the website I found, now you can import your Facebook friends or contacts from your email which is very useful. You can ask for recommendations and instead of it being an automatic process it asks people (Probably the Library members though unsure) what they would recommend depending on what you put. Within a day I got a recommendation and was pretty happy with the information they gave.

The book progress tracking feature I guess is mainly used for social networking, but I also found another use, such as when your bookmark decides to come loose, and there we go you know what page you were on and don’t have to worry about missing sections. It also could be used for competitions, I used to compete with my mate back at school to see who could read all the Harry Potter and Alex Rider books, this feature would have been nice back then.
I also downloaded the Android app, which makes adding books easier by using the book scanner in batch mode, the app could also be used to update your book status and also use it find a book should you be in a bookstore.
So I would recommend any book worm to sign up and give it a go.

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