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4 YouTube Novel Channels You Need to Watch!

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YouTube is a great resource for many topics. You can watch reviews, instruction and other types of videos. Originally I was going to limit this just to fantasy YouTube channels but there are very few. Instead we are going to take a look at YouTube channels that focus on Novels.

Daniel Greene

Each niche of YouTube has its own central personality. Sim Racing has Jimmy Broadbent, gaming in general has Pewdiepie, Vlogs have Zoella. Fantasy has Daniel Greene.

Daniel Greene focuses mainly on the fantasy genre. He reviews novels and series. He also has small skits for the genre which makes for a great watch. The mixed variety of his content keeps it fresh and engaging.

In the last year, Greene has written two books (Click here to purchase the first one on Amazon) which I have yet to read. This explains the lack of content on his channel in the past year. However, he has plenty of content for new viewers to watch before needing more.

My favourite video is titled Lord of the Rings – A Legacy of cinematic EXCELLENCE. He takes a look of the first trilogy of films and breaks down why they still look so good twenty years later. Unfortunately he has a less than positive view on The Hobbit Trilogy.


If you are more into your Vloggers, PeruseProject is for you. Regan runs the channel and provides an overview of her day of reading.

She doesn’t shy away from the reading slump that you may have after reading a long book. Regan also provides mixed content like Greene, where she brings her Top 10 videos which can be helpful for people new to the genre.

Again like Greene, she has a lot of content for you to watch She regularly uploads new videos usually every 3 days. And is a nice channel to have in the background while you are doing chores etc.

Apart from her top ten videos, she also provides recommendation lists for different scenarios such as a cosy list.

Elliot Brooks

Elliot Brooks is a new channel to me. Elliot releases new content every week. With the main focus being on fantasy novels.

She has a mix of content such as best-ofs, interviews and reviews of TV shows that come straight from the novels.

She has a lot of videos on different niches of the genre. Such as unconventional storytelling, book challenges and even some video game content.

Media Death Cult

Media Death Cult, an unusual name for a Sci-fi Channel. The channel’s owner Moid provides an insight into the wonderful world of Sci-fi.

He does the usual content such as recommended reads, top tens and book hauls which are enjoyable to watch. The hauls especially show how much you can get from your local charity shops.

Like Greene, Moid doesn’t just focus on the novels. He also has a lot of content on Sci-fi movie adaptations where he reviews them and provides a helpful rating. He has added a lot of need to watch on my list.

Out of his videos I must recommend his Top 10 Sci-fi books for beginners. Which as the name explains, is a great jumping on point to the Sci-fi genre. Another helpful resource would be this list.

I love his humour and the fact that he is a British YouTuber means I can relate more to his daily life and also visit the shops he does. There is a book farm he visits which I would like to go to in the near future.

Indie Sci-fi writers can send Moid their creations, and he will show the book and provide mentions in the description of the channel. Which is a great way for new writers to get exposure, as well as introduce Sci-fi lovers to the books.

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