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Clash of Kings

So after finishing The Wise Man’s Fear, I can now read the second book in George R.R Martin’s The Song of Ice and Fire. Which is called Clash of Kings. Which is fitting as there is now 3.

I’ve read about 10% of the book. It so far feels as though your moving from lower to middle school. Tyrion, Bran, Jon and a few others are your group of old friends, while Stannis is the older guy whom you’ve heard about through rumour. Even though you recognise the characters from the first book, they have all changed. The Stark’s have hardened into wolves, Tyrion still uses mind over matter and littlefinger is scheming against him. (Maybe).

The good points so far have been that their are a few new faces. We finally get to meet the dead king’s brother Stannis. We also get to meet Stannis’s favourite knight, typical poor to riches story. I am finding Devon (think that’s his name) really interesting, almost like a Ned Stark, wise but strong. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for him.

And what of this comet? Everyone in Westos is talking about it, and it means different things to different people. Be funny if it meant nothing.

Anyway, back to reading and relaxing. Another long day at work tomorrow. Go Me. (Eye of the Tiger playing in the background.)

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