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War Torn
War Torn by Andy McNab

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

War Torn is a fictional Military book about a British squad entering Afghanistan. Their mission is simple protect the civilians at the Forward Operating Base (FOB) so that they can dig for that precious resource oil. Within minutes of heading towards the FOB they are ambushed and lose two men who have to be sent back.

The book mostly follows the viewpoint of Sergeant Dave who is in charge of this platoon. His mission is to train these new recruits into formidable fighting machines. The viewpoint switches many times, from each soldier in the platoon to the wives and families back home and the dramas arising back there.

The authors both McNab and Kym Jordan really make you feel like you are in the battle zone as well as back home with the families. The way the FOB is described makes you feel a part of it, like your just another soldier wondering around this platoon. The episodes back home are much better than any episode of EastEnders as they are believable and you could actually see it happening.

Overall I loved this book from the onset, I did find it difficult to begin with as I kept trying to figure out who each character is but once you do it is a beautiful written book, let us hope for a sequel.

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