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And That’s Why It’s Called Immediate Action

immediateactionSo after exactly 14 days I finally finished this book. Since it is basically a biography of McNab and that it is based around a longer time span than Bravo Two Zero, there is a lot less detail. However it is a brilliant read, covers his rise from the days of the troublemaker through to infantry and then making it finally into the SAS and the selection process. In my opinion, books that are based on a squad are much more interesting than the Nick Stone books he writes, but they are pretty good none the less. This book leads right up to Bravo Two Zero, and the ending seems almost exactly the same as the start of that book.

The reason I find his books are so interesting is that he gives you the details you need to know about a person to be able to picture them, but not so much that it becomes a whole paragraph. Before any combat he gives you the planning that he goes through and the other important tasks that the special forces do before an operation, such as intelligence gathering and preparing weapons. All you really need to know is that you always got to look at all the scenarios that may play out and you need to be ready for every eventuality.

Well that’s the end of that review I give this book a 5/5 since it kept me interested from the first page.

The reason it took so long to read was because I was trying to lengthen the amount of time it took to read it, otherwise it would have probably been read all in one day , as it was that good.

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