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The Wise Man Always Has Fear

The Wise Man's Fear
Normally the sequel is worse than the first title in a series. Well this book bucks the trend. A lot more action, learning magic and meeting new people. You’ll find yourself asking, what will he do next?
So the book follows the story of Kvothe, a hero, a arcanist and a man of many stories. In the first book we find him surviving the death of his home, living in poverty in a rancid city and finally arriving and learning at the University.The second book is about his gap year. This is because of the fight between him and Ambrose is damaging the reputation of the university, so he leaves. The gap year involved a lot more learning than in the previous book even though he is away from the university.He meets many different people and languages. Spends a couple of months with them, then he leaves to meet new adventures. There is never a dull moment, whether he is hanging around Denna, or baring down on some little bandits. Even though he is book clever, he isn’t particularly world smart. Except when it comes to conversing and convincing people.

So why should you be reading it? Well if you’ve always wanted to read an adult fantasy series about wizards, which uses the laws of science to back up. Then this is the book for you. The only bad moment is, I now have to wait until next year for the next book. But I can wait.

My favourite part is when he joins the Ademe, and learns their skills.

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